SameGame 2

Remove pieces of the same color, in as large blocks as possible. This puzzle game is perfect for those quick breaks, as a game only takes a minute or so to play, but it still is highly addictive! There is also lots of statistics so you can keep track of your best and worst scores, how many games you have played and much more.

Controls: Joystick or numpad 2,4,6,8 to move.
Press and hold left softbutton or * for map.
Right softbutton or # for menu.
In menu use left softbutton or numpad 5 to select.


SameGame 2 is available for FREE thanks to ingame-advertising using the AdWrap program.

Download SameGame 2 for install via cable or bluetooth: JAD JAR.

If you want to download directly to your phone, please visist SameGame2 on GameJump for details.